November 2012

November 2012

Rocking the Media

Would you believe it?! We’re famous enough to need a media page now! To keep up to date with what your favourite media folk have to say about us, read the articles below and check out the video’s. Remix Magazine – We’ve caught the colour bug – Sep 2012 Fixy – Get Shorty NZ Girl […]

Bloggy Thing

From beauty, nails and hair to coffee…..anything we feel like writing about. Keep an eye out for the next blog! Don’t Fry Your Hair! – If you use straighteners, this is a must read! Bored of Your Hair? – here are some great tips to change it up. Colour Gloss Manicure – the longer lasting polish […]

Ombre, Sombre or Balayage?

A lot of people ask me, Ombre, Sombre or Balayage? What the hell is the difference? They are both fairly new techniques to hairdressing over the last couple of years. And most people think it is the same thing with different names. Well they are half right. Balayage seemed to have come about first when hairdressers […]