Carmen Hempleman

Carmen Hempleman

Homemade Hair Treatment during Lockdown!

While in lockdown we should all be taking time to give our hair some love. But what if you didn’t stock up on your salon treatments before lockdown?! We have had heaps of enquiries about the best treatment to buy from the supermarket to help maintain your hair at home.   While these are trying times and needs must, this is still something I would not recommend. You only need to look at the ingredients […]

Dealing with your Hair during lockdown

So, we are a week into lock down now and I know a lot of you either have regrowth because you were due for your appointment or your hair is about to get out of control. That’s not good when you’re still working from home and video chatting etc. You still need to look presentable, […]

Bright Hair Colour Idea’s for Work

  Life is too short to have boring hair…but you can’t always get away with it at work. ‘Boring’ hair is subjective. It doesn’t mean you have to have bright rainbow mermaid hair…it means having hair that YOU  love! Whether it be a beautiful chocolate brown, luscious red or even your natural colour with a […]

Hair Myths – Busted!

Hair Myth’s There hundred thousand hair myths floating around the place, mostly untrue and a lot are absolutely ridiculous and you wonder how anybody would ever believe them! A lot are BASED on truth, but, like Chinese whispers, have been bent out of shape by the time they reach you. Here are some of our […]

Hair Colour – Expectations vs Reality

Hair Colour Inspiration – Expectations Vs Reality   We love our clients and all of the crazy hair colour ideas they throw our way. Bright and interesting hair is our lifeblood at Live & Let Dye and we do a LOT of it. We always try our very best to exceed expectations and give you results you’re […]

Frizz Free Hair For 4 Months With Cezanne Smoothing Treatment!

                  We’ve discovered this amazing Smoothing Treatment called Cezanne. The thought of FRIZZ FREE hair in Auckland’s humid summer & rainy winters is almost too good to be true. So we had to try it out. The main benefits included: Smooth FRIZZ FREE hair in any weather. […]


  I recently asked on Facebook what peoples worst hair problems were. There was a whole lot of frizz related complaints so I thought I’d help you tackle some of them.   Causes of Frizz There are a few different causes ranging from humid weather (yay Auckland weather!) to naturally curly hair frizz. I have […]

Winter Hair Woes? Winter Hair Care Tips!

Ahh winter. You know what that means; we get to wrap up in coats, scarves and boots! Unfortunately it’s not such a joyous occasion for our hair. Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp, so here’s a few winter hair care tips to get you through the coming months.   Calm Scalp […]

Pastel Hair, The New Ombre?

  Here at Live & Let Dye in Auckland, we get to see a LOT of awesome hair colours. We are also one of the first salons to see what the next big ‘trend’ is in Auckland and New Zealand, probably because most of our clients are braver than most other salons. Ombre and balayage […]