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Bloggy Thing

From beauty, nails and hair to coffee…..anything we feel like writing about. Keep an eye out for the next blog!

Don’t Fry Your Hair! – If you use straighteners, this is a must read!

Bored of Your Hair? – here are some great tips to change it up.

Colour Gloss Manicure – the longer lasting polish

Balayage or Ombre? – what the hell is the difference? Find out here.

Davines Oi Oil – Little drops of miracle!

Going Blonde – All you need to know to avoid your hair falling off!

Growing Your Hair? – It seems to take forever so here are some tips on making it easier.

We’re Excited About the 90’s Grunge Revival in 2013 – Pretty self explanatory.

Styling Curly Hair & Fighting the Frizz – One of the most common problems, here’s some tips by our curly haired expert!

Hair Rehab – been overdoing it a bit? We’ve seen loads of clients with years of hair abuse, here is what you need to do to get healthy hair again.

Lipstick for Dummies! – a must read for members of the “Lipstick Noobs Anonymous”, so you don’t look like your a 4 year old who’s broken into her mothers makeup kit.

Age Appropriate Hair? No Such Thing! – in response to an article in Fashion Quarterly about women getting ‘age appropriate hair’ and for all the other ladies out there that are under the illusion that you can’t have fun hair after you reach 30!

Live & Let Dye’s Top Cafe’s List 2013! – Metro has one so why can’t we?

Interview With A Client –  We decided to interview some of our clients as we have some pretty interesting ones. Lots of creative types and clever people in general so here are a few….

Nat Hugill (aka Lilly Loca), Performing Artist, Director & Producer. – a lady of many talents!

Photo by Clinton Cardozo
Photo by Clinton Cardozo

Janine Streeter from Temptation Cakes – she cooked for the likes of Tool, Kiss & the Queen, now she has her own business and makes our cupcakes

Janine at Work
Janine at Work

Dave Rhodes – Studio Manager at Depot Sound – all muso’s must read!

Dave - Fire Away