Bored of Your Hair?

Bored of Your Hair?

After curls....
After curls….
Before curls.....
Before curls…..

Are you trying to grow out your hair and it’s reached that in-between length? Or have you just had the same style for a little too long? Just don’t know what to do with it? Here are a few ways to give your locks a new look. Aside from the obvious, getting a new cut & colour, which are both great ways to change up your style, there are a few other ticks that people just don’t think about doing.

1. Change your parting – this is such an easy, no fuss thing to try. Its easy, doesn’t cost anything but can completely change the look of your haircut. Try a deep side part, change the side or go for a middle parting, brig all your hair forward from the back (if you have shorter layers to work with) so that you have no parting and see what happens!
2. Try a new product – get a styling product. If you usually wear your hair sleek and straight, try messing it up with a styling wax or moulding clay. You can get soft, pliable ones that wont go too stick or greasy so you can change it up throughout the day. Sea Salt Spray also adds loads of fun texture.

Before ....
Before ….

3. Play with some irons – if you usually wear your hair messier and with volume, try ironing it straight. Same goes for the opposite, if you are sleek, smooth person, try adding some waves or curls, but don’t forget to run your fingers through afterwards or brush it to avoid those Goldilocks ringlets!

4. Get a fringe – soft sweeping side fringe or full, straight fringe. This can change your whole look straight away. We will advise you on the best fringe option for you. Also great if you always wear your hair back.

5. Put it up! – get on youtube and look up some new, easy updo’s. There are loads you can do yourself, no matter how uncoordinated you are. Try some little braids or curls and get in the with the bobby pins.

6. Get a new style – even if you are trying to grow your hair, you can get a new style into it without taking off any length. Many people are scared of the word ‘layers’ but that’s usually because they associate it with those horrible steps or 90’s cuts. That’s not layers, that’s just a bad haircut. Getting some layers into it allows you to create different styles yourself at home and get some texture into it.

7. Get a new colour – whether its completely different or just few lightened pieces, it can make all the difference. It takes the pain out of growing it if you play with the colour instead.

This Is Megan Kerr's New Fringe
This Is Megan Kerr’s New Fringe

We hope this helps you a little….let us know how you changed up your hair…the biggest thing to remember is to have fun with it and PLAY!