Colour of the Week!

Colour of the Week!

We get the chance to do so many amazing colours at Live & Let Dye, it makes it hard for our clients to choose what they would like done on their own hair!

This is why we are now going to do a weekly blog with our COLOUR OF THE WEEK.

We will choose one of our favourite colours done in the salon every week and tell you who it would suit. We will go through eye colour, skin colour, maintenance and what you would wear with the hair colour we’ve chosen and you can decide for yourself if this colour would be your next colour.

This week I’ve chosen a beautiful creative colour, a magenta ombre by Michele!


Magenta Ombre by Michele at Live & Let Dye
Magenta Ombre by Michele at Live & Let Dye

This is an amazing colour. Michele left her roots natural (a medium to dark brown) and blended a magenta red into the ends. The magenta lightens the hair at the same time as colouring it so that means there is no need for bleach! Perfect for keeping your hair in great condition, or on hair that is a little more fragile and you don’t want to bleach it. As you can see it turns out pretty vibrant even on quite dark hair. It is also fairly well lasting.

Being an ombre (where the colour is only on the mid lengths and ends), this look suits almost everybody!


NO ROOTS! Yay! However, being a vibrant colour, it dose fade on the ends after a couple of weeks. You can either come in for a toner and brighten it back up or a better and cheaper option is using Evo Fabuloso in Red, used once a week it will brighten it back up again.

You will NEED a salon shampoo & conditioner so the colour isn’t stripped out in the wash (reds always fade faster anyway so you don’t need to help this along with a supermarket shampoo). Also a heat protection like Davines All In One Milk will be amazing. It does everything (hence the name) but most importantly protects from heated tools and UV rays…the number one hair colour stripper!


Who will it suit?

This colour is pretty versatile as the majority of the colour is mostly away from your face with the bright bits being down the end of the hair. Being a pink based colour it might not be great for someone who has very flushed cheeks but those with just rosy cheeks can get away with it. It also looks great if you have pale skin. It is perfect if you have GREEN or BLUE eyes as it really makes them ‘pop’ (brings out the colour). Probably not for the first time hair colourer, unless you are quite brave.

Pale skin looks great with magenta & red hair.
Pale skin looks great with magenta & red hair.

What do I wear?

This probably wouldn’t be the best colour or you if you wear a lot of reds or oranges as the colour will clash, and not in a good way! Having said that, if you really love this colour, because the colour is down the ends, you can always get around it by wearing your hair up in a cute bun so your hair isn’t near your clothing.  As with eye colour, this colour looks great on blue or green or any darker coloured clothing.

Great red lippy!
Great red lippy!


Now, I’m not a makeup artist so I can only tell you what I think looks really good. Believe it or not you can still wear red & pink lipstick with this hair colour. A nice pink or blue based red or pink lipstick looks amazing. Steer away from orange based lip and eye colour. But again, having said that, if you want to wear an orange based red, you can always tie your hair back….one of the many benefits of having an ombre!

If you are brave enough, try out some bright lipsticks with this hair colour. They look amazing if you are after that really stand-out look. Try Bang Comsmetics. They have some amazing bright lippies, are are Kiwi made!

Who said you can't wear red lippy with red hair? Just pick the right colour!
Who said you can’t wear red lippy with red hair? Just pick the right colour!


If you have any other ideas, let us know what you would wear with this awesome hair colour by posting below!