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When it comes to getting ready for an event, whether it’s a school ball or your wedding day, there are a few simple tips that can help to keep things running smoothly, at least on the hair front!
It’s probably not necessary to grow your hair. 
We often have clients come in who seem to be under the impression that Rapunzel length hair is best when it comes to having your hair up. It’s really not. The truth is, if your hair is down to your waist it just means there’s more that we have to work into the style. If it is that long, we can definitely work with it, but don’t fret about trying to grow your hair for a year before the event.
There are, of course, some styles that a bit of extra length is helpful for, but we can work with any length of hair. It’s all about finding a style that’s suitable for YOU. Which brings me to my next pointer…
Be realistic! There’s a reason we recommend having a trial.
The most important thing to remember is that, no matter how much you love a particular style, if you have fine hair and it’s a style done on very thick hair, it will look somewhat different when we recreate it for you. That’s not to say we can’t tailor it to suit you, it’s just important to be realistic in your expectations.
We always do a trial for bridal hair, which is an opportunity to discuss & try out ideas with your hair stylist. You can bring in as many photos as you like & we’ll discuss what your best options are. This means that when it comes to the big day, both yourself and your hair stylist know what to expect and there won’t be any nasty surprises.
Take care of your hair!
Especially for those who are wanting their hair down. You can have the longest hair in the world but if half of it is split and dry you’ll be turning heads for all the wrong reasons. We highly recommend a trim before the event as this helps to make the final result much more polished. Using professional shampoo and conditioner also help to prep your hair, giving it shine and body, rather than stripping all of the goodness out of it with excessive sulfates.
So when do I wash my hair? And when do I colour it?
If you’re getting your hair coloured before the big day, we recommend doing it a week or two prior. This gives the colour time to settle and it also means that, should anything need to be changed, there is time. It’s slightly different if you’re having a pastel or bright colour, as these fade faster than more natural looking colours, so are best to be done the week of the event. We’ll always discuss what the best option is with you before booking you in for a colour prior to an event.
If you’re going for a big colour change, we don’t advise doing it the week before. Give it a month or two before hand (longer if going from dark to blonde, for example) so that you have time to get used to it. Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful time and you really want to be sure that you’re happy with your colour & feel comfortable with it. When you’re happy with your hair, everything else seems to run much more smoothly.
Wash your hair the night before. A little bit of oil in the hair gives it more grip. If you know you have particularly oily hair, you can wash it that morning, or we can always take some dry shampoo through it before we get started.
Last, but not least…
Don’t get so caught up in trying to emulate a particular celebrity/person that you stop enjoying yourself. The whole point is for you to look like the best version of YOU possible.
If you have an event coming up, get in touch! We also have a wonderful make-up artist that we can arrange to come into the salon, which takes even more of the stress out!

Michele Shanley

Senior Stylist
Live & Let Dye