Hair Rehab!

Hair Rehab!

Bad hair? Don't do a Britney!
Bad hair? Don’t do a Britney!

Sometimes, in your quest for perfect hair, things take a turn for the worst. We have quite a few performers and models come to us who, after years of hair torture with rollers and hot irons, have cried out for hair help! Whatever the cause, when your hair starts to feel more like straw or candy floss than anything else, it’s time to sign up for Hair Rehab. Take a deep breath and relax; we’re here to help.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem! Next, you need to back very slowly away from the home hair colour. This builds up in the hair, forming a dry and harsh feeling surface. Although salon colour is more expensive, it is much nicer on your hair. We can also see all of your head so we can just do the roots without overlapping the color, helping to avoid nasty build up. You can get just your roots done for $90. It leaves your hair feeling much softer and shinier

When you arrive at Live & Let Dye, we do an in-depth consultation, where we ask you about the history of your hair and what you’re hoping to get out of Hair Rehab. During this process, it’s vital that you’re completely honest. We might not approve of that over-the-counter bleach, but we’re not here to make you feel bad about it. Knowing what’s caused the problem will assist us in coming up with a solution.

The best way to kickstart your Hair Rehab journey is with a good cut and blow wave. Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you shave your head. In cases where the condition of the hair has been compromised, I find that people become more and more attached to it and find the concept of a haircut worrying. We’ll show you how much we think needs to be cut off and explain why, but we’re not going to cut off more than you’re comfortable with. We’ve had plenty of clients that this has happened to in the past, so we take pride in never doing this to our clients!

We will give you personalised home hair care advice and product recommendations to keep you from falling back into old habits, but you’ll also need to come in for trims every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of everything. That’s where services like Spilt Endz come in handy, allowing you to just have the damage trimmed off. Ask us for details on this service.

If it’s breakage you are getting then a protein based shampoo and conditioner is what you’re after. If dry and fluffy hair is what’s plaguing you, then a moisture packed product is going to be your secret weapon.

Of all the products you use on your hair, your shampoo and conditioner is what you use the most. If you’re using supermarket shampoo, which is full of detergents, then it can counteract all of your stylist’s hard work. It’s like going to the supermarket to buy medicine, it’s never going to be as effective as that you would get at the chemist, just as the hair product you buy there is not going to do the job when it comes to fried hair…no matter what the adverts say.

Treatments are also a vital step, as they give your hair a much-needed boost of protein, moisture and nutrients. They work on repairing the hair from the inside out, rather than just providing a temporary solution. Ideally, a treatment should be done at least once a week, though when it comes to serious chemical damage it is often necessary to increase the frequency.

My Favourite Treatments:
These are all applied to mid-lengths and ends after shampooing and towel drying. You don’t have to use the same treatment as the shampoo and conditioner you are using, mix it up to get the perfect cocktail for you hair. You can use as you would your conditioner or preferably leave on for 15 minutes for that real boost.

Power Base by O&M
An intensive protein and moisture treatment with strengthening Wheat Protein and moisturising Apricot Oil and Shea Butter.

Seven Day Miracle by O&M
A vanilla bean scented moisture mask. Macadamia Seed Oil and certified organic cold pressed Argan Oil provides a huge boost of moisture and shine.
We LOVE O&M, everything smells like cake!

A nourishing and repairing mask that also helps to fight static and make your hair easier to brush. Olive Butter, Cherry Oil and Rhizobian Gum leave the hair beautifully soft and help to seal the cuticle.

These all range from $36-$39 and last for ages, as you don’t need to pile them on.

Unfortunately, there is no instant fix. We aim to have your hair feeling and looking much better when you walk out of the salon, but severely damaged hair requires a lot of love. With a bit of patience and the right products, we’ll have your hair feeling like hair again! Just ask Burlesque performer Leda Petit and corsetry queen and model Ivy Asphyxia!

By Michele at Live & Let Dye