Live & Let Dye’s Top Cafe’s List 2013!

Live & Let Dye’s Top Cafe’s List 2013!

Britain's love affair with coffee shows no sign of abating.

Doesn’t it annoy you when you are hanging out for your morning coffee…wait in line for sometimes what seems like the whole day, pay half a days pay to get your daily caffeine fix only to walk out with a bitter tasting cup of gloop!

The worst thing they could do to your morning ‘pick-me-up’ is burn the milk. The second worst thing they could do is let it run too long so it becomes bitter and muddy tasting. I’ve tasted both those things in the past so for all those coffee lovers out there, this ones for you……

Michele’s faves:


Okra, Sandringham Road.

This is my go-to café. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken most people I know there at some point. The staff are great and the coffee is delicious. I’ve probably tried a good 80% of the menu and have never been disappointed. I love the Vege Big Breakfast and the French Toast, although I’ve never managed to finish it.






Kokako, Great North Road, Grey Lynn

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Kokako’s cold-brewed coffee. This place is so popular that it can be pretty hard to get a table, but it’s well worth hanging around for a bit until you do! If you’re lucky, the cold-brew won’t be sold out. The menu is vegetarian, organic and mouth-watering. Polenta Porridge is my pick, so good that I can’t bring myself to order anything else.






Ironique, Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden.

These guys are lifesavers. Good, affordable coffee and friendly staff are the most important things to a caffeine addict like myself. The courtyard out the back is gorgeous on sunny days.






Sarah’s faves:

Ok so Michele stole two of mine with Kokako and Ironique. Kokako has an unusual flavor to its coffee which is delicious and the eggs there are the best I’ve had anywhere.

Ironique is my all time fave, I’ve never had a bad coffee or food that tasted less than amazing here. The staff are awesome and I love the unusual décor. You have to check it out. So here’s a couple more I like…..


Ciao Bella, Clevedon.

Quite a drive but really pretty and out in the country. All home make cakes and food and relax out the back in the courtyard.








Shaky Isles, Kingsland.

For the single reason that they put a WHOLE CHOCOLATE FINGER in my mocha!