The best for of advertising is word of mouth. There’s nothing better than a recommendation from a happy client to prove our awesomeness!

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“For years I have left the hairdressers feeling disappointing with my colours not being bright enough or not being quite what I asked for….until I found Live & Let Dye. SERIOUSLY I will never let anyone else colour my hair again! They listen to what I want (no matter how mad-cap), give practical advise and help me leave over the moon with the results. Its like visiting old friends every time I go, and my 5yr old has announced that no one is allowed to cut his hair except for Sarah! Live & Let Dye you rock my world! x x x”  – Sam Cranston

“I have had my hair coloured for a few years and the hair salon that did it was amazing too. But Live & Let Dye is something else. 1. I love that the colour are not tested on animals so it is as eco-friendly as you can get. 2. The colour appears bright, shiny, natural (yes… colourful and natural doesn’t sound like an item but it blended into my hair so well) 3. The colour did not fade onto my ears, face, hands…. 4. Only tiny amount of colour washed out of my hair. 5. My hair still feel soft and nice to touch. 6. The colour used didn’t have a very strong perfume so good for someone like me with sensitive skin. 7. Sarah is knowledgeable, experienced, and know how to work with any hair. 8. The Evo Fabulosso Conditioner! What more do I need to say!
Love it and thank you for the amazing work. There are very few salons that specialised in colour hair and Live & Let Dye is one of the best!” – Bevan Chuang

”Lots of love and hugs to the fabulous team at Live & Let Dye! Thank you for giving me back my confidence, and for also making me feel so amazing and pampered after getting my hair done with you. Loving my new summer colour!!!” – Kerrie Van Heerden

“The team at Live & Let Dye always manage to get the perfect colour – it’s so nice to find a salon that shares my hair vision and can make it a reality!” – Meagan Kerr

“The staff at Live & Let Dye are amazing. Not only are they cool with great taste in music (not of that pop radio mainstream crap playing in the salon), but they are so happy when you ask for bright colours or a crazy hairstyle! The amount of times I’ve gotten an, “Are you sure…?” from a hairdresser when I said I wanted to dye my hair a funky colour drives me nuts. Yes, I’m sure! The ladies at Live & Let Dye do an amazing job and make sure you know how to look after your bright new do so it lasts as long as possible! The cupcakes and espresso coffee are a massive bonus, too :)” – Alison Grant