Frizz Free Hair For 4 Months With Cezanne Smoothing Treatment!

Frizz Free Hair For 4 Months With Cezanne Smoothing Treatment!


Before Cezanne
Before Cezanne
After Cezanne & Colour
After Cezanne & Colour









We’ve discovered this amazing Smoothing Treatment called Cezanne. The thought of FRIZZ FREE hair in Auckland’s humid summer & rainy winters is almost too good to be true. So we had to try it out.

The main benefits included:

  • Smooth FRIZZ FREE hair in any weather.
  • You can colour straight after your treatment – no waiting 2 weeks like other straightenings.
  • You can wash and style your hair immediately – no waiting for 3 days like others.
  • Formaldehyde free so better for you AND your stylist with little odour during the treatment.
  • Makes your hair feel better than before the treatment – doesn’t leave it feeling rough and dry like others do!
  • Safe to use on any hair type, even fine and fragile hair.
  • Lasts 3-4 months – months longer than any other formaldehyde free straightening.

This is what happened!

This is me before the treatment on a not so frizzy day but you can see I have an annoying curl that kinks in annoying places and frizzes.

Before Cezanne Smoothing Treatment
Before Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

It can be used on ANY type of hair, which is awesome as previous products left fine hair flat and lifeless and blonde hair dry and damaged. I change my colour ALL the time and my hair was blonde underneath so I was a little worried being a guinea pig on the day of our trial BUT it left my hair feeling softer than it was before the treatment!! It doesn’t damage at all, even though you have to straighten it with straightening irons quite intensely to get the product into the hair. It was smooth and straight immediately after and looked amazing. And the best bit was that I could go home and actually WASH my hair or get it coloured straight away after….NO annoying 3 day wait with greasy hair….which was a relief as my hair is fine and would have been disgusting after 3 days!

So now I thought, how long will this last?

We were told 3-4 months….so I thought, right lets see. So I started a timeline… it is below……

This is straight after I’d had it done, on the day. Its pretty straight and has straightened out all those annoying kinks and curls that pop up in annoying places like around your ears and fringe. It also feels really nice, no crispiness! Wohoo!

Straight After Cezanne
Straight After Cezanne

It has faded my colour quite considerably, but I was expecting that. And I can colour it straight away now if I want to.

Now I had this done and went to Fiji afterwards where it was humid and hot! It was sooooo awesome! This is what it looked like when I got back…….obviously after I’d had my colour done but this is just rough dried, no irons or anything.

Cezanne Week 4
Cezanne Week 4

It has been so good, I spend about 10 minutes drying it off, no fancy blow wave needed. I just use a flat brush and don’t iron at all….ever!

So now its been around 8  or 9 weeks (yes it says 7 but then I realised it was longer….time flies!). And look!! This also really points out how often I change my hair colour haha!

I love how its softened down a little (this happened after 2 weeks) and isn’t poker straight anymore. Its let a little of my hair’s natural movement & volume come through. Perfect!

After 8 or 9 weeks with Cezanne smoothing treatment!
After 8 or 9 weeks with Cezanne smoothing treatment!

So the verdict is…this stuff is amazing!! I haven’t straightened my hair, I don’t use anything to smooth my fluffies…because I don’t need to! And it take me 1 minute to do my hair in the morning….all I need to do is brush it!

This lasted the full 4 months being frizz free and smooth. On the 5th month it started to get its natural kink and a little fluff back but never got dry or crispy like other straightenings are incline to make it. AMAZING!

Now who wouldn’t LOVE something that could do all that?

Another few benefits that are great for clients and us, as your hairdresser….NO FORMALDEHYDE or any other nasty chemicals so not only is it better for you, WE don’t have to inhale the nasty stuff.

I also love how it doesn’t make your hair poker-stick-to-your-head straight. Mine was super straight for a couple of weeks but then softened. This depends on how curly and thick your hair is, results vary.  And I could use my favourite shampoo, as long as it was sulphate free.

I would recommend this to ANYONE who gets fuzzy hair, no matter how thick or fine, blonde or brunette. The thing I would say is, get a colour straight afterwards because it does fade your hair, even if it is dark, and also a trim as it changes the level of your layers, so freshening and shaping it all up is a good idea.


This is what everyone is interested in. We price it on how much product we use. It ranges from $220 (for pixie and very short hair), from $280 for mid length and fine hair to from $370 for long hair. Allow a few hours for this treatment, but we will advise you of the approximate time it will take on consultation.

For a more accurate quote, send us and email at and tell us how thick your hair is and the length and curliness of it.

You will all looooove Cezanne!!

Here is another example of a client who has completely different hair to me. Her’s is very curly and very thick, bob length. The first pic is a before shot…the next two are after its been dried off which just my fingers, no brush, after the treatment and, no irons. So pretty much what you’d do on your average morning……pretty fab!

Kate Cezanne
















Cezanne Ayesha





By Sarah Thomas

Senior Stylist & Owner of Live & Let Dye