Lipstick for Dummies.

Lipstick for Dummies.

red-lips_1024x768_29987A couple of weeks ago one of my clients asked me what lipstick I was wearing (MAC Russian Red, in case you were wondering). Being complimented on it gave me a bit of a fright because whenever I wear lipstick I feel equal amounts of success and dread. I wonder if I’m doing it right, or if I just look like a 4-year-old who got into her mother’s make up. I asked the lovely Chrise Page Johnston from 360 Beauty for some tips and tricks and she kindly obliged. I’m sure most of you are dab hands at this sort of thing, but for other members of Lipstick Noobs Anonymous, here’s a life saving guide!

How to choose the right colour:

Colour choice is important, as the right colour will really supplement your

  • Choose a lipstick with a matte finish. These are of a much thicker consistency and have more pigment to them.
  • If you have a dark complexion, yellow based colours are most flattering, while fairer skin types tend to suit pink based colours.
  • In saying that, if you have a colour that you love and it works, just wear it with confidence!
  • A bright blue-based red suits most women and also makes your teeth appear whiter. Red lips are stunning and timeless, so if you think you can rock it, go for it!
  • Red heads look stunning in light raspberry colours.
  • Brunettes can get away with anything, but look amazing with a bold red.
  • Similarly to brunettes, blondes can pull off most colours, but pink really stands out next to lighter hair.

How to apply it properly:

  • If you wear a liquid foundation (a concealer will work, too) go ahead and bring it right over the lips. This creates a lank canvas to start you off and gives you a more defined, tight lip line. It also helps to stop lips from ‘bleeding’ and is more forgiving if you have a whoopsey while applying.
  • Use a lip liner. Find a similar colour liner and start by lining the lips, then filling them in. That way, when the lipstick starts to fade, you’ll still have your trusty liner underneath!
  • When lining, follow the natural lip line. Don’t go over the line where your lip starts, especially in the corners of the mouth. It’s better to be modest to avoid looking like a clown.


Extra Tips:

  • When lining, if you have slightly crooked lips you can make them look more symmetrical by over-compensating on the side that’s not as full and under-compensating on the side that is fuller.
  • If you’re prone to dry/cracked lips, apply a very small amount of balm 10 minutes or so before you start to apply the lipstick. This will soften them up slightly and make it easier to apply.
  • Use a brush, if possible. This gives you a defined line and a far superior finish.

Hair by Sarah at Live & Let Dye, Makeup by Chrise at 360 Beauty.

I still haven’t managed to turn lipstick into an everyday thing, on days when I just don’t have time I like to use my Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain. It has the perfect amount of colour to it while also being absolutely foolproof. Anything I can apply without looking in the mirror is going to become something I can’t survive without.